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FSM Executive Committee (ExCom)
The room where it happened (some of it)

David Lance Goines, The Free Speech Movement, page 646
"Executive Committee: “Ex Com.” Large group composed of representatives of all campus  organizations. The Executive Committee formed general policy and elected the FSM Steering Committee. On October 5, consisted of two representatives from each of the eighteen United Front organizations. Expanded on Thursday, October 8 to include seven representatives of the newly-formed Independent Student Association and in the week of October 11 to include seven representatives from the newly-formed gcc. Campus religious groups received representation as did the eighty students who worked to put out the Rossman Report. By the middle of October, the FSM Executive Committee consisted of 56 members."

NOTE: 12/14/2014: Jack Radey remembers that it was "Independents for Free Speech" rather than "Independent Student Association."

Photos are presented in chronological order. Opinions favoring Michael Rossman as photographer are growing.

Westminster Hall, 2700 Bancroft Way, now Free House Restaurant, was "Formerly owned by the Presbyterian Church, our dining room was a haven and protector for students self expression at times that those in charge did not always believe in this freedom. Indeed, during the Free Speech Movement of the early 1960s, Reverend John Hadsel invited the organizers of the FSM into the space that is now our dining room when they were not allowed to congregate on campus."

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image 1: ExCom Meeting in Westminster Hall

image 1 cropped: L to R: Steve Weissman, Kathleen Piper, Martin Roysher, Jack Weinberg, Mona Hutchin, Myra Jehlen, Bob Kaufman,
male, male, male, Stephanie Coontz, Stevie Lipney, hidden woman in turtleneck, man in v-neck, woman with glasses, Ron Anastasi,
man with glasses, man with glasses & beard, Bill Mandel, Brian Mulloney.

image 3 cropped: L to R: Dunbar Aitkens, Brian Turner, Bill Mandel, man behind Bill, bearded man, man in tie, man with glasses, Bob Starobin, woman in glasses, Stevie Lipney, Brian Mulloney, man back to us, man in v-neck

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