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1998 Gift of Stephen M. Silberstein to UC Berkeley

1. The Mario Savio/Free Speech Movement Endowment which supplements state appropriations for the University Library's collection budget in the Humanities.
2.  The Free Speech Movement Cafe, located in Moffitt Undergraduate Library, provides a public space for open discourse and displays about social and political issues.
3.  The Free Speech Movement Digital Archive and Oral History Project at the Bancroft Library.

Michael Rossman curated the FSM Collection and chose which documents to transcribe under the grant.

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FSM Press Releases transcribed

History of Cal Berkeley in the 60s with a few handbill scans

FSM Documents transcribed

Date Author Title
9/17/1964 proto-FSM Petition given to Dean (wording as below)
10/2/1964 FSM Statement Issued by Student Organizations
10/4/1965 FSM Confused Poop Sheet for Research on Repression in Berkeley
10/13/1964 FSM Important F.S.M. Bulletin
10/14/1964 ASUC Rationale for On-Campus Student Political Action
10/17/1964 FSM

Peter Franck Interview by FSM
1/16/2017: NYU Prof. Robert Cohen notes that “1932 was not the start date of all this. It was the west coast red scare of 1934, sparked by the waterfront strike, the SF General Strike, and Upton Sinclair's socialistic campaign for Cal's governorship that led to the new restrictions on outside speakers at Berkeley and at UCLA.”

10/28/1964 Michael Rossman & Lynne Hollander Administrative Pressures & Student Political Activity
aka Rossman-Hollander Report--with Apppendices!
11/3/1964 FSM F S M Bulletin
11/9/1964 FSM Why the Committee Deadlocked
11/9/1964 FSM Provisional Platform of the Free Speech Movement
11/11/1964 FSM Some Comments on the Faculty Proposal
11/19/1964 FSM Here We Stand
11/21/1964 FSM The Position of the Free Speech Movement on Speech and Political Activity
11/24/1964 FSM Why Are UC Students Still Not Satisfied?
11/30/1964 FSM The Administration has initiated new disciplinary
12/13/1964 FSM FSM Action
1965 FSM Legal Summary of the Sproul Hall Sit In and Arrests (confidential)
12/22/1964 FSM Legal/Chief A. H. Fording Berkeley Police Department Involvement in Student Disturbances
10/2-12/7 Speeches

Online Audio Recordings - Transcripts

1/4/1965 FSM/Paul Goodman, Brad Cleaveland, Neal Blumenfeld, et al We Want a University
1/24/1965 Neal Blumenfeld Human Dignity and the Multiversity
July, 1965 FSM/Sam Slatkin? Revolution at Berkeley
  The Defender  

FSM Executive Committee

11/23/1964 FSM Executive Committee Meeting Minutes  
10/20/1964 Michael Eisen Resignation  



October 5, 1961 US House Comm on Un-American Activities The Truth About the Film Operation Abolition
1966 Bettina Aptheker Big Business and the American University
1965 Bettina Aptheker FSM: The Free Speech Movement at Berkeley
1965 Bettina Aptheker The FSM: An Historical Narrative
October, 1964 Hal Draper The Mind of Clark Kerr
December, 1964 Free Speech Movement, Steering Committee We Want a University
1965, 1967 Marvin Garson The Regents
March, 1965 Walter Herbert O Freedom!
March, 1965 Roland Liebert The Berkeley Case: Issues in Student Academic Freedom, a Brief Critique
July, 1965 Mario Savio, et al The Free Speech Movement and the Negro Revolution
1965 Jack Weinberg The Free Speech Movement and Civil Rights
Spring, 1965 Bruce Provin, ed. Graduate Student Journal
1965 Ken Sanderson Multiversity Lost: A Travesty

Legal Documents

January, 1965
Certain Faculty Members
Municipal Court: A Suggestion for Dismissal 90 pp text  
1/26/1965   Motion for Pretrial Hearings and for Consolidation for Purposes of Pretrial Hearings   text  
1966 Malcolm Burnstein, et al. Appellants' Opening Brief   text  
April 1, 1965   The People of the State of California, Plaintiff, vs Savio Nos. C-7468 through C-7547   text  

Misc. Documents

Clark Kerr & E.W.Strong
Mario Robert Savio: By this letter, I am initiating student disciplinary proceedings   text  
11/30/1964 E.W. Strong Statement by Chancellor E.W. Strong   text  
Dec. 7-10, 1964 Bob Weinzeimer, Ed and Pub The Gate, Independent Newspaper, Vol. 2, No. 10   text  
11/22/1964 Clark Kerr Statement by President Clark Kerr   text  

Reports and Studies

December 13, 1964 A Fact-Finding Committee of Graduate Political Scientists

The Berkeley Free Speech Controversy (Preliminary Report)

May 7, 1965 Jerome C. Byrne The Berkeley Crisis, Report to the Forbes Comm of Board of Regents
June, 1965 Thomas J. Cunningham Legal Aspects of Campus Unrest
December, 1965 Terry F. Lunsford

The "Free Speech" Crisis at Berkeley, 1964-1965: Some Issues for Social and Legal Research

1964 ASUC Minority Viewpoint of the Special ASUC Sub-committee on Student Political Activity
Oct. 15, 1964 Ira M. Heyman et al Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Conduct (Heyman Report)
April 23, 1965 Theodore R. Meyer, Chairman Report of the Special Committee to Review University Policies (Meyer Report)
1964 Michael Rossman and Lynne Hollander Administrative Pressures and Political Activity at the University of California: A Preliminary Report
1/2/1965 Prof. Albert Lepawsky Intellectual Responsibility and Political Conduct
12/14/1964 Faculty Members UCB A Message on the Proposed Solution to the Free Speech Controversy
12/10/1964 circa
Charles Sellers, Prof of History, Berkeley The Berkeley Faculty, and Student Political Activity
  Henry Nash Smith, Prof. of English Why Has the Berkeley Faculty Failed to Condemn Violations of the Law by Students
9/10/1965 E.W. Strong What's Ahead for the University?
1964, November prob Earl F. Cheit, et al Report of the Faculty Group


10/24/1964 Committee on Campus Political Activity Minutes
10/28/1964 Committee on Campus Political Activity  
11/4/1964 Committee on Campus Political Activity Minutes
11/5/1964 Committee on Campus Political Activity Minutes
11/7/1964 Committee on Campus Political Activity Minutes

Faculty Academic Senate Minutes

October 13 and 15, 1964 Minutes of the Berkeley Division  
November 24, 1964

Minutes of the Berkeley Division

December 8,1964 Resolutions  
December 8, 1964 Debate Transcription  
December 10, 1964 Minutes of the Berkeley Division  
  Minutes of the Berkeley Division  
  Minutes of the Berkeley Division  
  Minutes of the Berkeley Division  


Books & Magazines

1968, 1970 Max Heirich The Beginning: Berkeley, 1964
1995 Leon Wofsy Looking for the Future

CALIFORNIA MONTHLY Vol. LXXV, No. 5 February 1965

3/15/1965   Spider Magazine, Vol. I, No. II
5/24/1965   Spider Magazine, Vol. I, No. V


Daily Cal during the FSM - transcriptions

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      9/16/1964 9/17/1964 9/18/1964 9/19/1964
9/20/1964 9/21/1964 9/22/1964 9/23/1964 9/24/1964 9/25/1964 9/26/1964
9/27/1964 9/28/1964 9/29/1964 9/30/1964 10/1/1964 10/2/1964 10/3/1964
10/4/1964 10/5/1964 10/6/1964 10/7/1964 10/8/1964 10/9/1964 10/10/1964
10/11/1964 10/12/1964 10/13/1964 10/14/1964 10/15/1964 10/16/1964 10/17/1964
10/18/1964 10/19/1964 10/20/1964 10/21/1964 10/22/1964 10/23/1964 10/24/1964
10/25/1964 10/26/1964 10/27/1964 10/28/1964 10/29/1964 10/30/1964 10/31/1964
11/1/1964 11/2/1964 11/3/1964 11/4/1964 11/5/1964 11/6/1964 11/7/1964
11/8/1964 11/9/1964 11/10/1964 11/11/1964 11/12/1964 11/13/1964 11/14/1964
11/15/1964 11/16/1964 11/17/1964 11/18/1964 11/19/1964 11/20/1964 11/21/1964
11/22/1964 11/23/1964 11/24/1964 11/25/1964 11/26/1964 11/27/1964 11/28/1964
11/29/1964 11/30/1964 12/1/1964 12/2/1964 12/3/1964 12/4/1964 12/5/1964
12/6/1964 12/7/1964 12/8/1964 12/9/1964 12/10/1964 12/11/1964 12/12/1964
12/13/1964 12/14/1964 12/15/1964 12/16/1964 12/17/1964 12/18/1964 12/19/1964
    1/5/1965 1/6/1965 1/7/1965 1/8/1965 1/9/1965


Defendant's Letters transcribed by the University of California Bancroft Library (grouped by last initial of writer)



The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter
The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter
The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter
The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter
The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter
5/23/1965 The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter  
5/30/1965 The Defender: Free Speech Trial Newsletter  


FSM Newsletters, edited by Barbara Garson, as pdfs (left) and transcribed text::

I October 9, 1964 text
II October 20, 1964 text
III November 2, 1964 text
IV November 17, 1964 text
V December 10, 1964 text


ASUC Senate Minutes

Minority Viewpoint of the Special ASUC Sub-committee on Student Political Activity
Student Welfare and Activities Committee Motion "A Rationale for On-campus Student Political Action"


September, 1964

The Campus CORE-lator

January, 1965

The Campus CORE-lator




March 10, 1963 SLATE Newsletter, Vol III, No. 1     text  
July 28-30, 1961 SLATE Summer Conference     text  
  About SLATE     text  
2017, 2018 SLATE Oral History Project     text  



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