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From Richard Colby to his parents in Yonkers NY, October 1964 – October 1965

(I was a 4th-year graduate student – working on a PhD in Biophysics, under Prof Richard Strohman in the Zoology Dept.  Biophysics was (is?) an interdepartmental Group in which students were mentored by faculty in various regular Departments, although there was a small core Biophysics faculty in Donner Lab, headed there at that time by Prof. Hardin B. Jones.  I ended up in a mostly teaching career at a New Jersey State College: Biology and Environmental Studies Programs, Richard Stockton College, Galloway Twp. E-mail:; home address: 217 Liverpool Av, Egg Harbor City NJ 08215-1319, home phone 609-965-4453; For my teaching and other activities, google “Dick Colby’s Web