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And Don't Forget:
Freedom's Orator
Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals and Reagan's Rise to Power
by Seth Rosenfeld
November 20, 1964:Bob Johnson photo
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March to Regents' Meeting
Freedom's Orator by Robert Cohen

FSM 50th Reunion & Celebration
September 26-October 1, 2014

1964, American Experience, PREVIEW

FSM: the Musical
Book: Joan Holden; Music: Daniel Savio and Bruce Barthol

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In September 1964 the University of California administration abruptly banned political advocacy at Berkeley's traditional student free speech area at the campus' main entrance on Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue. Students viewed the ban as part of the backlash against their participation in the Bay area civil rights movement, especially the sit-ins against racially discriminatory employers, which had made headlines and upset powerful conservatives in the state legislature and the press. A broad coalition of students -- from Goldwater Republicans to socialists -- sought to negotiate an end to the ban. When negotiations failed mass protest erupted and a semester-long struggle for free speech ensued, which after a non-violent police car blockade, a march on the Regents meeting, a mass sit-in and mass arrest at the administration building, and a student/TA strike triumphed as Berkeley's faculty in its Academic Senate voted by a 7-1 margin on December 8, 1964 to back the Free Speech Movement's demand for an end all campus restrictions on the content of political speech.
--Robert Cohen

October 1, 1964: Howard Harawitz photo
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Jack Weinberg inside police car

December 3, 1964: Jim Jumblatt photo
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Occupied Sproul Hall


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