Prior Student Movements

Robert Cohen, When the Old Left Was Young: Student Radicals and America's First Mass Student Movement, 1929-1941. New York, Oxford University Press, 1993


National Student League

The Struggle for Free Speech at CUNY, 1931-42 Introduction

The Struggle for Free Speech at CCNY, 1931-42

American Student Union

Student Activism in the 1930s

Student Political Activism during the 1930s and 1940s

1934 UCLA Free Speech Movement
Sean Burns, Vernacular Strut, p49
Robert Cohen, When the Old left was Young, pp.118-29, 132, 146, 255

UC Loyalty Oath 1949-1952

Peter Franck Interview, October 17, 1964, Campus history starting 1932
1/16/2017: NYU Prof. Robert Cohen notes that “1932 was not the start date of all this. It was the west coast red scare of 1934, sparked by the waterfront strike, the SF General Strike, and Upton Sinclair's socialistic campaign for Cal's governorship that led to the new restrictions on outside speakers at Berkeley and at UCLA.”

A Short History of the University of California Speaker Ban
by Jo Freeman (2000)
begins with events of 1947

What Happened at Berkeley: How the Cold War Culture of Anti-Communism Shaped Protest in the Sixties  by Jo Freeman
Begins 1934

May 1960 HUAC in SF and Aftermath at UCB
Burton White, Irving Hall, Michael Rossman and others formed Bay Area Student Committee for the Abolition of the House UnAmerican Activities Committee

Dress Rehearsal for McCarthyism by Carol Smith

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