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Short Photo History of the FSM
this is an attempt to show the history with photos to which the FSM Archives has the rights or permissions for use
UC Berkeley photo timeline

September, 1964

September 30, 1964: First Occupation of Sproul Hall

Mario Savio on top of police car in front of Sproul Hall. Oct 1. 1964
Credit: Courtesy of UC Berkeley, The Bancroft Library

October 1, 1964: Howard Harawitz photo
©Howard Harawitz, 2014; howard@exit0.com
Jack Weinberg inside police car; Chuck Goldman speaking atop car; Burton White leaning against car.
Fanpage for October 1, 1964

October 1, 1964: Jackie Goldberg by Ron Enfield © Ronald L. Enfield. Used with permission.

October-December, 1964: Endless Meetings. This is the 50+ member Executive Committee, aka ExCom
image 1 cropped: L to R: Steve Weissman, Kathleen Piper, Martin Roysher, Jack Weinberg, Mona Hutchin, Myra Jehlen, Bob Kaufman, male, male, male, Stephanie Coontz, Stevie Lipney, hidden woman in turtleneck, man in v-neck, woman with glasses, Ron Anastasi, man with glasses, man with glasses & beard, Bill Mandel, possibly Brian Mulloney. Photo probably by Michael Rossman.

November 20, 1964: March to Regents' Meeting
L to R: Mona Hutchin, Ron Anastasi, ... John Leggett, Michael Rossman, Sallie Shawl, Mario Savio, _____
Bob Johnson photo ©FSM Archives All rights reserved

December 3, 1964: Jim Jumblatt photo
©FSM Archives
Occupied Sproul Hall

December 4, 1964: Strike

December 8, 1964: Academic Senate meets