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Administrative Pressures and Student Political Activity

(Preface 1998)

    This document was the introduction to the FSM's historical brief.

    Ten days after the police-car sit-in dispersed, a spontaneous committee began preparing a background report for FSM's representatives to submit to the Committee on Campus Political Activity. In seventeen feverish days, a group of 100 students formed to research the history of the administration's interference with political activity, wrote forty reports on different aspects, and published twenty in a limited edition -- 135 pages of small, single-spaced text in faint ditto ink -- shortly before the CCPA was dissolved and active conflict resumed.

    Administrative Pressures... was the cover-essay to this group report. Five thousand copies were printed by offset press. Its wide distribution helped to solidify understanding of the conflict's historical context and functional issues, among students and perhaps among faculty.

    At the end, an index of the published reports appears. We plan to put these and the unpublished ones online, when resources avail.




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