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 FSM@40: Free Speech in a Dangerous Time
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Photos by Anita Levine Medal
from the RALLY on Friday Oct. 8, 2004

Anita (Levine) Medal is an FSM Vet and photographed throughout the FSM@40 Events.
We will be posting many more of her photos in coming days and linking the pages together.
Many more
Photos from FSM@40 2004 by Anita Medal [Levine] are here


Singer, Terry Garthwaite, opened the rally leading songs.
Terry had sung at the rally on Dec. 2, 1964.
Notice the photo of Jack Weinberg in the window of the police car.

Sproul Plaza was packed.


Singer, Terry Garthwaite,
 was the lead singer for Joy of Cooking in the 60s

Misha Leybovich, ASUC President,
gave an inspiring beginning to the Rally

Misha Leybovich, ASUC President

Robert Birgeneau, the new UC Berkeley Chancellor

Rosha Jones (BACLU Secretary & Hiraa Khan (BACLU Treasurer)

Hiraa Khan

Rosha Jones

Bettina Aptheker, FSM Vet & Professor at UC Santa Cruz

Michael Rossman, FSM Vet and FSM@40 Organizer

Julia Vinograd, Poet and FSM Vet
[That is Michael's arm behind her holding a book of her poems.]

Jackie Goldberg,  CA State Assemblywoman & FSM Vet

Jackie Goldberg's speech was a call for student activism and
an end to apathy. She got a huge response from the audience.

Howard Dean was warmly welcomed by the students.


Tony Serra, attorney

The huge puppet was unveiled to show the Statue of Liberty


More of Anita's Photos coming soon - check back













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