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Meetings and Events of the Free Speech Movement

Many meetings, rallies, and events of the Free Speech Movement were recorded on audiotape and film by radio and television stations, the FSM's archivist Marston Schultz, and other individuals. Much of this documentary material still exists, accessible to determined reseachers; and we are optimistic that much may be put online. Mark Kitchell has given us invaluable guidance to TV station archives, from making his film Berkeley in the Sixties. We hope to arrange permission to show their material by the time people's browsers can handle it. Meanwhile, we're focussing on the audiotapes.

Many hours of taped coverage by the pioneer community-supported FM station KPFA have just become available, through the gracious cooperation of Pacifica Foundation, the Bancroft Library, and the Media Resource Center. A second wave of audio will follow from FSM-A's work with Bancroft's oral history project and the MRC, as Marston's tapes -- which follow events through spring '65 -- are inventoried and digitalized. The audio portions of TV coverage may also become available to fill important gaps. We'd like to hear from any FSM vets (or others) who still have audiotapes or film from that time.

The initial list below suggests what's coming. The live links point to what's online.

10/02/64        the police-car sit-in

10/03/64        the police-car sit-in

12/02/64        rally, Sproul Hall sit-in

partial transcript of rally (Mario's famous speech)

12/03/64        Sproul Hall sit-in, arrests

12/08/64        Academic Senate meeting


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