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MAY 12 - MAY 14, 2000

NAME: _____________________________________________

STREET ADDRESS: ____________________________________

CITY/STATE/ZIP: ____________________________________

PHONE: Work: _______________ Home: ___________________

FAX:  (_______) _____________________________

EMAIL: ___________________@_________________________


Registration costs include all meals and double room with shared bath.

Early Bird Registration by 3/1/2000:

SLATEnicks $180,  Early Bird Registration for each child, young adult offspring: $90

Post Early Bird:

For each SLATEnik: $225 or for a couple: $400, for each offspring: $180

We will make scholarships available for up to one half of the cost of early bird registration ($90) since we want everyone possible to be a part of this reunion.

Do you need a scholarship?______    If yes, for how much? $_________

We hope to provide travel assistance for those traveling from afar. If you can, please make an extra contribution, (see below) to our assistance fund. If you are seeking assistance, please indicate that here, and we will do the best we can to help.

Yes ____,  I'd like assistance with the reunion costs.


Enclosed is $_______________ for myself

Enclosed is $____for (name) _____________________of significant other

Enclosed is $ ________________ for (name(s) and age(es) of my offspring

Enclosed is an additional Contribution to assist others with -registration costs s

Total enclosed: $ ________________

Checks should be made payable to Julianne Morris.


Do you need vegetarian meals? _____  What years were you in SLATE? : 19 _______  until 19 _________

Is there any particular interest or topic you would like to he included in our small group/large group discussions? 



Do you mind having your name and address being published on a list that goes to your fellow SLATEnicks? 
Yes, OK to share my name and address: _____   No, please do not share it: ______


Redwood city is close to the San Francisco and San Jose Airports. A cab to Mt Alvero should cost approximately $35. For those who let us know in advance when they will be arriving on Friday, we will try to provide some kind of shuttle service.

We very much took forward to seeing you in May 2000.
The SLATE Reunion committee.

Make checks payable to - Julianne Morris and send to:
Julianne Morris
6757 Armour Drive, Oakland, CA 94611

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See the current Agenda plan for May Reunion here.


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