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from FSM Vet, Sally Light, now Exec. Dir. of the Nevada Desert Experience

[Sally sent this in response to hearing about the FSM Symposium April 2001]

Just to let you know that some of us FSM-ers are still very active. I, for instance, am the Executive Director of Nevada Desert Experience, [] the anti-nuclear group that has organized literally 1,000s of people for peaceful demonstrations at the Nevada Test Site over the last 20 years (this weekend is our 20th anniversary). We have about 5,000 members here and abroad, and our past activities have contributed to the achievement of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (still undergoing international ratification), and the closure of a nuclear weapons testing site in the ex-USSR, among other accomplishments.

We are rapidly expanding our activities due to the rise in US militarism, the continued aggressive nuclear weapons development program in this country (euphemistically named "Stockpile Stewardship Program"), and the spectre of Star Wars' return.

In fact, the US Space Command's "Vision for 2020" project is now quickly integrating space technology, nuclear technology, and high-energy lasers (used as offensive weapons) to put into orbit around earth by the year 2020 armed space stations in order to control the planet militarily and economically. I have documents to prove these claims, available on request.

With its contracts with the Dept. of Energy to operate Lawrence Livermore National Lab & Los Alamos National Lab, both of which, along with Sandia Labs, and many other players in the military industrial complex (the biggest corporate contractors are Boeing, TRW, Hewlett-Packard, and Raytheon, but there are many others), UC is complicit with this very dangerous plan.

We are building a movement, nationally and globally, using the traditions of King and Ghandi, to energize people everywhere to resist what is going on.

If you are open to discussing these current issues and responses to them, let me know. I hope that the spirit of FSM lives on in your event - it certainly does in ours.

We have a number of events coming up which people can find out about on our web site.


Sally Light
Executive Director, Nevada Desert Experience

posted on march 1, 2001




last edited September 07, 2001


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