Free Speech Movement Faculty Voices

Faculty (244 items scanned & posted)

Transcriptions by the UCB Bancroft Library

Legal Documents

January, 1965
Certain Faculty Members
Municipal Court: A Suggestion for Dismissal 90 pp

Reports and Studies

May 7, 1965 Jerome C. Byrne The Berkeley Crisis, Report to the Forbes Comm of Board of Regents
June, 1965 Thomas J. Cunningham Legal Aspects of Campus Unrest
December, 1965 Terry F. Lunsford

The "Free Speech" Crisis at Berkeley, 1964-1965: Some Issues for Social and Legal Research

Oct. 15, 1964 Ira M. Heyman et al Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Conduct (Heyman Report)
April 23, 1965 Theodore R. Meyer, Chairman Report of the Special Committee to Review University Policies (Meyer Report)
1/2/1965 Prof. Albert Lepawsky Intellectual Responsibility and Political Conduct
12/14/1964 Faculty Members UCB A Message on the Proposed Solution to the Free Speech Controversy
12/10/1964 circa
Charles Sellers, Prof of History, Berkeley The Berkeley Faculty, and Student Political Activity
  Henry Nash Smith, Prof. of English Why Has the Berkeley Faculty Failed to Condemn Violations of the Law by Students

Faculty Academic Senate Minutes

October 13 and 15, 1964 Minutes of the Berkeley Division  
November 24, 1964

Minutes of the Berkeley Division

December 8,1964 Resolutions  
December 8, 1964 Debate Transcription  
December 8, 1964 Debate Audio (scroll down to Dec. 8)  
December 10, 1964 Minutes of the Berkeley Division  

Leon Wofsy, Looking for the Future, 1995

Leon Wofsy on Faculty Role in Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley, 2014 Berkeley Historical Society video

Peter Dale Scott Tribute to Charlie Sellers 8/2/2013 (text)

Charlie Sellers Tribute page (includes 8/2/2013 video)

Berkeley Historical Society 2014 Interviews of Leon Wofsy and Peter Dale Scott