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FSM selections from "Decision in the Streets"
a wonderful film by Harvey Richards, 1965

December 7, 1964 Greek Theatre KRON News footage
Robert A. Scalapino, Chancellor Clark Kerr and Mario Savio speaking

December 8th 1964 KRON News by Art Brown outside Sproul Hall, featuring speeches by Mario Savio and Jack Weinberg. Crowds singing "Happy Birthday" to Savio and Hal Draper presenting him with a gift set of clip-on ties, explaining how these will be useful when confronting police who want to arrest him.

8+ minutes of Video from FSM - December 1964
University of California at Berkeley, Free Speech Movement  (silent video)
December 2, 1964 Rally in Sproul Plaza.
December 7, 1964 Speeches, Sproul Plaza
December 7, 1964 Meeting, Greek Theater.
A silent 8mm films was converted to digital by Digital Pickle. 
copyright 2007 Bryan Costales

Comparing Mario Savio's famous 1964 Berkeley speech
See video here:

with Galen Tyrol's pro-strike speech from the Battlestar Galactica
episode "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II":

"Berkeley in the Sixties" by Mark Kitchell (1989)
Part 1 of 12
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Berkeley in the Sixties Transcript

UC Berkeley Media Resources Center Streaming FSM Films
Berkeley in the Sixties (Mark Kitchell, 117 min., 1989)
The Berkeley Rebels (CBS News, 57 min, 1965)
We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest: A History of the Berkeley Student Movement
interviews and more!

Mario's Sproul Steps Speech, Dec. 2, 1964

YouTube audio of December 2, 1964 speech in its 7 min 41 sec entirety

12/7/1964, KRON TV, UC Berkeley Greek Theater: Free Speech Movement
12/8/1964, KRON-TV, Mario Savio, Jack Weinberg & Free Speech Movement Victory, Art Brown
1964, KRON TV, Assignment Four - Free Speech or Anarchy? (Rough Cut), Al Berglund
Bay Area 2000: San Francisco in the'60s Nice film footage from KRON, FSM & HUAC 1960 Police Riot


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