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Chronologies of the Conflict

Chronologies list the dates of important events and developments, with brief descriptions. Chronologies written at different times or from different perspectives may tell somewhat different stories about the events, and about what their writers understood.

The FSM's chronology [9/14 - 11/24/64]

The briefest, most skeletal review of events, distributed as a leaflet shortly before the climax of the conflict. (2 pp.)

A faculty chronology [June - 8 Dec 1964]

This sketch is more detailed, but neglects the failed tripartite negotiations. (4 pp.)

A chronology introducing an anthology [9/14 - 12/10/64]

A more useful, brief introduction to the flow of events. (5 pp.)

A graduate student chronology [9/14/64 - 1/3/65]

Traces developments in more detail, with better explanations. (9 pp.)

The alumni chronology [9/10/64 - 6/4/65]

This extensive treatment (100 pp.) covers the public developments more thoroughly, particularly for the administration and faculty; and includes meaty quotations from many spokespeople and documents. No other chronology covers the "Filthy Speech Movement" developments in Spring 1965. The wealth of detail and official quotations make this useful as a reference, but confusing and superficial as history. The briefer chronologies offer clearer views of the flow of events, and the political dynamics of the conflict are discussed much more clearly in the narrative histories. (Hal Draper's account is not much longer than this chronology.)

The alumni chronology [9/10/64 - 6/4/65]

This is the same chronology as above, from the California Monthly, but in its entirety, and posted on the calisphere site.

A Brief History of the Free Speech Controversy [7/26/1965]

Possibly written by the Free Student Union.



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