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 The Free Speech Movement Cafe 
 Opening Event #1 - Feb 3, 2000 

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Free Speech Movement Cafe Opening Feb 3, 2000

Gerald Lowell, UC Moffitt Library, spoke first. The electronic moving "ticker tape" can be seen at the top of the photo mural. Someone jokingly asked if the Dow Jones averages would appear there later.


Chancellor Robert Berdahl speaking at FSM Cafe opening 2/3/00

UC Chancellor Robert Berdahl speaking about the significance of the FSM.


FSM Cafe opening

Just as Bettina Aptheker was to speak there was a "Mario Moment" (as the speaker,
Ronnie Davis, founder of the SF Mime Troupe, termed his interruption)
for a plea for organic foods to be served on campus
and in the Cafe. Bettina looks on appreciatively.

Bettina Aptheker - FSM Steering Committe Member

Bettina Aptheker gave a moving talk of her memories of FSM, Mario and the continuing echoes of FSM. Bettina is now a professor of Women's Studies at UC Santa Cruz.

FSM Cafe opening FEb 3 2000

Steve Silberstein (left) shakes hands with Chancellor Berdahl
 as Steve is thanked for making the FSM Cafe happen.

FSM Cafe opening

Patrick Campbell, ASUC President spoke about free speech on campus and the current status of student activism and Sproul Plaza.

Lynne Hollander Savio

Lynne Hollander Savio reminded how much Mario loved talking with friends in cafes.

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