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    Political Analyses and Interpretations (Contemporary)

Raya Dunayevskaya, "[The] Free Speech Movement and the Community of Scholars"


A Marxist analysis, from the perspective of the News & Letters< faction led by the author, probing the theoretics of "alienation." (1965)

Fact-Finding Committee of Graduate Political Scientists, "The Berkeley Free Speech Controversy"

An extended analysis, mainly of student and faculty issues and dynamics, by an independent group of graduates. (1964; 39 pp/109K)"

Nathan Glazer, "What Happened at Berkeley"; Philip Selznik, "Reply to Glazer"; Glazer, "Reply to Selznik"

A long narrative analysis by a disillusioned Liberal deeply involved in the conflict, critical of all sides. Debate with a progressive Liberal colleague follows, on key issues. (1964-65; 63 pp./106K)

Nathan Glazer, "FSM: Freedom Fighters or Misguided Rebels?"

An offended Liberal's analysis of the illegitimacy of the FSM's tactics. (1965, 12 pp./20K)

Paul Goodman, "Berkeley in February"

An Anarchist scholar and social philosopher considers the textures and dynamics of educational community, in and after the FSM. (1965; 15 pp./37K)

Paul Goodman, "Thoughts on Berkeley"; Nathan Glazer, "Reply to Goodman"; Goodman, "Reply to Glazer"

    The leading Anarchist educator and the most vocal Liberal critic of the FSM and faculty debate the meaning of key underlying issues. (See also the Glazer/Selznik exchange.) (1965; 18 pp./31K)

T. Walter Herbert, "Oh, Freedom!" and "Beyond the Crisis"

    A young Protestant theologian, intimately involved in the FSM, explores core issues of alienation and spirit. (1964-65; 16 pp./29K)

Bob Kaufman and Michael Folsom, "FSM: An Interpretive Essay"

    A Communist analysis, from the perspective of (the Bay Area branch of) the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs, the youth affiliate of the CP-USA. (1965; 28 pp./56K)

Progressive Labor Party leaflet

    A brief take from a (domestic) Maoist perspective. (1964; 3 pp./5K)

John R. Seeley, "Quo Warrento: The Berkeley Issue"

    A distinguished, humanistic liberal explores the central moral issue of the conflict. (12 pp./20K)

    Tocsin : [complete FSM coverage, 1964-65]

    "The West's Leading Anti-Communist Weekly" interprets the connections of alleged and actual Communists with the FSM. (1964-65; 36 pp./117K)

Calvin Trillin,  "Letter from Berkeley"

    An intelligent liberal's perspective, respectful and critical of all sides, by an outsider visiting in Spring, sketching the textures of student activism. (1965; 20 pp./77K)

Jack Weinberg, "The Free Speech Movement and Civil Rights"

    An independent Socialist perspective, by an FSM leader, focussed on the dynamics of the Civil Right movement and of alienation in the FSM. (1965; 6 pp./15K)

Geoffrey White, "The Student Revolt at Berkeley"

    A Trotskyist analysis, from the perspective of the Spartacists (International Committee of the Fourth International), recently expelled from the SWP. (1965; 19 pp./59K)

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