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New! FSM-A Board Responses to
3/22/2021, The New Yorker, The Making of the New Left, Louis Menand

Free speech! Hold firm! by Bettina Aptheker
"Hold firm to the First and 14th. With warmth and strength."




June 11, 2017 Statement by FSM-A Board and collected statements

October 1 Free Speech Day in California

●●●December 8, 1964 UCB Academic Senate Resolutions on Free Speech●●●

►►Current UCB Policy on Speech and Advocacy◄◄

FSM 50th Anniversary Hub

Herbert Bradford Cleaveland

December 3, 1964: Jim Jumblatt photo
©FSM Archives
Occupied Sproul Hall. F S M signs by Peter Wiesner

November 20, 1964: March to Regents' Meeting
L to R: Mona Hutchin, Ron Anastasi, ... John Leggett, John Searle, Michael Rossman, Jack Weinberg, Sallie Shawl, Mario Savio, Ken Cloke.
Bob Johnson photo ©FSM Archives All rights reserved
October 1, 1964:
Jackie Goldberg speaks atop police car
by Ron Enfield © Ronald L. Enfield.
The Essental Mario Savio
by Robert Cohen
Also Don't Forget that the FSM was mostly about looooooooong meetings among diverse constituencies and writing pamphlets.
About listening and persuasion.
Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals and Reagan's Rise to Power
by Seth Rosenfeld


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