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A Chronological List of Additions

We are struggling to keep these pages organized and make things easy to find, not an easy task considering the wide range of materials and continual additions. We hope that a journal-like listing of additions will help you find the most recent items more easily.


February 2005 -  Fell November - Memorial Poem for Mario Savio - by Richard Schmorleitz

October 2004 - photos, program and some speech transcripts from the 40th FSM Reunion: FSM@40

March 2004 - Replacing old email addresses and other housekeeping.

February 2004 - Free Speech Movement Activist Finds Tarnish On Clark Kerr's Legacy
(A Letter by Michael Rossman)

January 2004 - Updated Journalism Bibliography adds new links to Kerr's death articles.

December 2003
Many links re. the death of Clark Kerr on Dec. 2, 2003 added to Bibliography.

July 2003
An update with new links and items in the Bibliography pages by Barbara Stack HERE

March 2003
Barbara Stack updated her continual work in progress, the wonderful Bibliography here.

October 2002
We celebrated the publication of Reg Zelnik's and Robby Cohen's new book:
The Free Speech Movement - Reflections on Berkeley in the Sixties and photos of the event are here.

August 2002
Barbara Stack has updated the Bibliography with new additions and links. See it HERE

July 2002
Added an editorial from SF Chronicle by Ralph Gleason "A Tragedy at the Greek Theater"

Various clean up of links, Missing Vets and Friends and sadly, we have added a Deceased List.

November 2001
The annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture and Young Activist Award ceremony
took place on November 15, 2001  Dr. Cornel West "Progressive Politics In These Times: From Vision to Action" it is now available on a video: Video #39 available from DemocracyU - Here

Feb. 2000
SLATE Reunion Announcement for May 2000

Jan. 2000
Pacific News Strike Press Conf. at KPFA

Dec 1999
Added photos of KPFA Court hearing in Oakland.

Nov. 1999
Page of photos of the new FSM Cafe under construction at the Moffitt Library, UC Berkeley.

July - Nov 1999
Links and photos covering the Crisis at KPFA

March 15, 1999
Graduate Students in Poli Sci Preliminary Report from Dec 1964 - "The Berkeley Free Speech Controversy"

March 9-13, 1999
Many many pages added, particularly the appendix pages for the Administrative Pressures and Student Activities Report (aka the  "Rossman Report").

February 1999
Moved the new Home Page into place.

December 5-6, 1998
Added a
Search Engine for the site. Now it's possible to search for words and terms.
Added new Cover Page for Mario Savio's words and new texts of Savio's speeches and writing.

November 27, 1998
Event Dec 4, 1998:
Announcement of 2nd Annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture

More preparation work for the new Home Page and its panels of information.
Added Barbara Stack's Bibliography to Subsequent Journalism.

October 18-22, 1998
Much material added: Progressive Labor Party leaflet, FSM-Archives formation story, Bibliography of Mass Media articles, many links added within documents and the new Home Page about ready to move into place.

October 16, 1998
Made the "under construction" new FSM-A Home Page visible and linked to the current Home Page for possible comments and feedback. Many links still not established, but the overall idea ready to show.

Early October 1998
Much work on re-organizing the site (behind the scenes) and making order from the growing collections of documents so visitors will find it more useful.

September 28-29, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Various site organizing done. Cover pages set up to lead to existing (and planned for addition) documents in categories of: Narratives, Analyses, Mass-Media, Chronologies and Retrospectives & Reflections.

September 26, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Joel Pimsleur, "Inside Sproul Hall" written to Ralph Gleason, A young reporter assigned to cover the Sproul Hall sit-in from inside writes about what he can't 1964.

September 25, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Spartacist Leaflet - Pluralist Society or Class Rule? Dec. 1964
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) FSM Leaflets - Administrative Bungling and other additions to the Leaflet Library
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Suzanne Goldberg - Empowerment & the FSM, talk at the 1984 FSM Reunion

September 23, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Calvin Trillin's - Letter from Berkeley - March 1965

September 20, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Kaufman-Folsom - FSM - An Interpretive Essay from DuBois booklet,
                     includes photos by Howard Harawitz
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Bettina Aptheker - Women & The FSM - from the 1984 FSM Reunion Panel Discussion

September 19, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Bettina Aptheker - The FSM: An Historical Narrative, Feb. 1965
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Added an Index page leading to the growing section: Narratives of the Free Speech Movement

September 16, 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Margo Adler's  - Heretic's Heart: A Journey Through Spirit and Revolution, chapter 4
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Several FSM Chronologies added - linked from Chronologies of the Conflict

August-September 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Statements - USLO Leaflets Fileorganization of University Students for Law and Order, was organized as an alternative course of action to the Free Speech Movement.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Chronology of Events,  9/14 -12/10/64 prepared by a Fact-Finding Committee of Graduate Political Scientists, December 13, 1964.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Chronology of Major and Controversial Events from Revolution at Berkeley: The Crisis in American Education, edited by Michael V. Miller and Susan Gilmore; Dial Press, N.Y., 1965.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Chronicle of the Free Speech Controversy- prepared by the FSM Press Central

May 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Chronology of Events, Three Months of Crisis, Part One (Sept - Oct 1964). This detailed time table is from the California Monthly (alumni magazine).
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) We Want A University - dedicated to the 800
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Added several new leaflets, now all titles are linked in the Leaflet Index.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) "A Faculty Message on the Proposed Solution to the Free Speech Controversy", Dec. 1964
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) "The Free Speech Movement and Civil Rights" by Jack Weinberg, written Jan. 1965
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Quo Warranto: The "Berkeley Issue" by John R. Seeley, originally published in Ramparts Magazine in 1965.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Added another photo from Rich Muller's collection: Chancellor Strong with Bullhorn
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Birth of the Free Speech Movement by Michael Rossman

April 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Area called STACKS which will be the area of documents and non-FSM leaflet items.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Both an alphabetical and chronological listing of archived material, links to be added as these items are digitized and added to FSM-A site.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Bob Aviakan's essay: "On Becoming a Revolutionary"
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Updated and added many new links to Mario Savio Links page.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Present at the Birth: A Free Speech Movement Journal by Robert Hurwitt

March 1998
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) Added the first 19 chapters of Hal Draper's long out-of-print book, Berkeley: The New Student Revolt.
blkdot.gif (134 bytes) An End to History by Mario Savio, from a tape made in Sproul Hall the night of the arrests, Dec. 1964
blkdot.gif (134 bytes)Transcript of the Free Speech Movement 20th Anniversary Project, Noon Rally -- Sproul Plaza,  Tuesday, October 2, 1984

last edited February 12, 2005


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